With thousands of Students and Workers, the University of
Wisconsin-Milwaukee has become an effective and meaningful place to
organize. The focus of the IWW at UWM is to unite Students and Workers
as one, to embrace our shared experiences as members of the working
class, and to provide proper representation for Students and Workers
on campus.

When the administration fails to provide access to resources for those
in the class struggle, and those struggling to find a safe place on
campus, IWW at UWM steps in. We ensure that the working class, the
LGBT+ community, undocumented, immigrant, and international students,
those with disabilities or mental illnesses, and other groups affected
negatively by policies and hate groups on campus have access to the
resources they need to graduate and/or earn a fair, living wage.

Fighting winnable, direct actions regarding departmental issues, fair
wages, accessibility, and safety for workers is a main priority of the
IWW at UWM. Direct actions on campus can include delivering demand
letters to the administration or bosses, departmental worker strikes,
or student sit-ins. We table with literature, distribute and collect
Worker Surveys, hold regular meetings, and organize marches on the
administration to bring a sense of community to groups on campus who
rarely feel supported by administrative policies and actions.

Any worker or student on UWM’s campus is welcome to attend a meeting.
We meet weekly, alternating Tuesdays and Thursdays to accommodate
diverse schedules. We have just begun organizing at UWM, but we are
committed to extending our solidarity with all members of the working
class to ensure a safe and purposeful experience on campus.

For more information, contact us:
(414) 533-4990