Equity Caucus

The Equity Caucus of the Milwaukee branch of the Industrial Workers of the World is a new working group that aims to address and correct the current marginalized state of organizing. The role of the Milwaukee IWW Equity Caucus is to create a safer environment for members to voice concerns regarding marginalization of people in the branch, including but not limited to, people of color, women, LGBTQ+ members, and disabled members. We exist to support these members through involvement in the complaints process and through informal support when they experience issues such as sexual assault, stalking, unwanted or excessive communication, discrimination, slander, slurs, microaggressions, unequal distribution of responsibilities, etc. in the branch.

The IWW Equity Caucus has in place a process in which a member can make a confidential concern/complaint. This process can include the Equity Caucus providing mediation between members. If a more serious occurrence has taken place and mediation is not appropriate, the Equity Caucus has a protocol to assess the action and hold accountability with appropriate ramification.
In addition, we also provide educational opportunities for all members of the GMB to better understand the intersections of the class-based oppression shared by all fellow workers and the identity-based oppression experienced by some of us, and how to be a more inclusive, effective union.
Contact with the IWW Equity Caucus Chair can be made by emailing mke.iww.equitycaucus@gmail.com or by calling (414) 678-9420. Equity Caucus members are always available to meet one to one as well.